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Wool Preparation from Sheared Wool to Artistry


July 1 - 3, 2024




Leslie Wetzonis Woolverton, Jane Swain

Over three days,  we will explore the full process of what is needed in cleaning and preparing wool for making toys or wool pictures. With the use of plant dyes, we will also have an opportunity to dye the wool once it has been cleaned and carded. Then the artistry begins…

A local farm will donate bundles of sheared wool for us as a class to clean, card, and dye in baths of colors to dry in the summer sun. Participants will be able to bring their work home along with extra raw materials. Join us for a full exploration of wool and all of its dimensions.

Jane will review the sense of touch and its relationship to the sense of the ego of the other. She will lead us a series of tactile activities. There will be time to process your experiences so participants can witness the wide range of people’s reactions. We will explore therapeutic interventions for when there are challenges regarding this sense. Please bring your observations and questions about how you are working with this sense in the classroom.

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