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Support Sophia’s Hearth Today

Give now to help build the kind of world where children, families and the teachers who support them are honored and respected. Every gift makes it possible for:

  • Very young children to be treasured as wise souls who bring the future with them as they enter the world.

  • Families to find joy and confidence at the heart of their parenting experience.

  • Early childhood teachers to grow in their profession and share the important work of Waldorf education around the world.

Make your gift a monthly sustainability gift. It’s easy and makes an enormous difference to the future of Sophia’s Hearth.

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Macalaster Weber Teacher Education Scholarship Fund

Make an investment in the future of Waldorf early childhood teachers with a gift to the Macalaster Weber Scholarship Fund.


Becoming an early childhood teacher in a Waldorf school is an investment that many cannot achieve on their own. Scholarship support is a critical need for those dedicated individuals who have the heart to give to children but not the means. You can help spread the unique approach of Sophia’s Hearth to students from around the world.


100% of every gift helps a future Waldorf childhood teacher to gain their early childhood certificate.


The Macalaster Weber Scholarship Fund is dedicated in honor of Dorothy Miner Macalaster, Nancy Macalaster, and Susan Weber.

Dorothy Miner Macalaster was a tireless advocate for supporting the professionalism of early childhood teachers. She graduated from Elliot Pearson Nursery Training School in 1942 and remained an advocate for early childhood professionals throughout her long life. A strong supporter of Sophia’s Hearth teacher education program, nothing would have pleased her more than financially supporting early childhood teachers.


Nancy Macalaster, daughter of Dorothy, inherited her mother’s passion for the young child. Completing the Birth to Three Specialization in one of Sophia’s Hearth earliest cohorts, Nancy went on to lead Parent and Child classes for years. Touching the lives of countless families by supporting families as they welcomed children to their lives.


Susan Weber was the founding Executive Director of Sophia’s Hearth and a longtime leader of the professional growth of early childhood teachers. Susan was a faculty member of the Antioch New England Graduate School in Waldorf Education. When Sophia’s Hearth began, Susan brought her extensive teaching experience to the development of a rich program of professional development. Susan was a pioneer in the education of the very young child from birth to three years old, blending the essential elements of Waldorf education with the indications of Dr. Emmi Pikler in self-initiated care. With her leadership, Sophia’s Hearth has become a full member of the Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America offering certificates in both Birth-to-Three and Birth-to-Seven teaching.

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