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Our Vision

Our vision is that through our approach to early childhood education:

  • Every child is met with dignity in the early years of life.

  • All children be provided an environment to build a healthy body, allowing them to develop into self-directed human beings with creativity, imagination, and social capacities.

  • All children are given the opportunity to unfold their unique spiritual nature.

  • Those who care for and welcome the young child are supported and respected.  

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Our Mission

Our mission is informed by Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophy, Waldorf Education, and the Pikler Institute to:

  • Provide daily care and education for children.

  • Offer whole hearted support for families.

  • Provide education and mentoring for early childhood teachers.

  • Commit to the principles of respect, kindness, compassion, and inclusion for families and teachers.

Implementing our Mission

We will:

  • Advocate on behalf of children and families with knowledge, awareness and passion for a world where childhood is joyful and honored.

  • Provide rhythmic care and education for children from infancy to kindergarten age.

  • Foster a relationship with the natural world through exploration and practical work activities.

  • Empower early childhood teachers and manifest joy as the heart of their vocation.

Our Philosophy

  • Waldorf education is timeless. It springs from insight and interest in the whole child: the child as a wise, always growing and changing, self-directed human spiritual being. Waldorf education recognizes the child as someone with a unique, innate, inner core of identity. Even in infancy, Waldorf education supports this unique individual who is developing step by step. 

  • Our programs for infants and toddlers support these changes throughout childhood by protecting the children, by nurturing them through a balanced daily rhythm filled with joy. Our Teacher Education Center prepares teachers to bring this deep understanding into their classrooms and enrich their professional lives.

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