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An Introduction to Waldorf Early Childhood Education


July 8 - July 12, 2024




Michelle Brooks, Carly Lynn, Katherine Scharff, Leslie Wetzonis Woolverton, 

The future of humanity depends on children receiving health-giving experiences in childhood, on children being given the opportunity to experience loving guidance that will in turn bring joy, wonder and reverence and as healthy development into children’s lives. And yet the most essential aspect in Waldorf education is the inner attitude of the educator who is the imitated by the child.


Join a week long exploration of the inner and outer artistic and practical activities of a Waldorf teacher working in Waldorf nursery-kindergartens, home care programs, childcare centers, parent-child programs and other settings.


Through the week we will begin to explore:

  • The unfolding development of the child from pre-birth to seven

  • The development of loving interest for the child

  • How to encourage self-initiated play

  • The Four foundational senses  

  • Development of real rather than virtual experiences to support healthy relationship to the world.  

  • Artistic activities that foster the healthy development of imagination and creativity.  

  • Meaningful practical work giving opportunities to develop human capacities.

  • Rhythms through the day, week and year including festivals

  • Development of healthy social relationships among parents, teachers and children.

  • Inner work of the teacher

All these themes will come to life through presentations, experiential activities, and conversations.

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