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Child Development 1


June 24 - June 28, 2024




Katherine Scharff, Jane Swain, Michelle Brooks, Michelle Prindle

The first three years of life are a special period of human  development, often overlooked and misunderstood in a culture and time that place great emphasis on achievement and moving ahead.This course is designed especially for parent-child class teachers, childcare providers, and early childhood teachers. We will explore the profound human capacities and the sensitive processes that blossom forth in this time and will learn how best to support the developmental process of very young children.


The week begins by examining the child’s development from the perspectives of spirit, physical growth, and emotional life. Each perspective is approached through study of the child’s gross and fine motor development, infant reflexes, and the sensory development of the child.


Hands-on experience, as well as lectures and discussion, provide the foundation for learning.

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