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Paula Sousa

Childcare Director

Paula rejoined the staff in fall 2020 returning the position she held from 2010-2015.  She was formerly a teacher at Calendula Gardens and the teaching director at Evergreen Garden.

Paula holds a M.S. in early childhood education from Lesley College, a M.S. in Waldorf early childhood education from Sunbridge College, a Birth to Three certificate from Sophia’s Hearth Early Childhood Teacher Education Program, and has studied the Pikler approach to early care with Anna Tardos (daughter of Emmi Pikler).

She was born in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean on the island of Sao Miguel, Azores and now lives in Keene, NH with her dear sons Andre and Erik and her dog Suzette.  Outside of work, she enjoys balancing time with others and in solitude, landscape gardening, property management and rescuing neglected plants.

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