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Leslie Wetzonis Woolverton

For more than twenty years, Leslie Wetzonis Woolverton (she/her) has taught Waldorf Parent-Child and Nursery classes in Silver Spring, Maryland both in schools and privately. Currently she is a member of the WECAN Early Childhood Research Group, a WECAN Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access Coordinator, and is a Site Visitor for WECAN. Also a third generation Anthroposophist, Leslie brings a broad scope of wisdom and knowledge to Waldorf Early Childhood Education and loves her work with adults as a teacher trainer and mentor for new teachers over the past three years. Leslie has been published in Gateways, Kindling and also has been a workshop presenter and keynote speaker at recent WECAN conferences. Leslie is a textile artist and enjoys writing and compiling early childhood stories that reflect the world in the interest of advancing inclusion, diversity, equity, and access and creating puppetry. When not working, Leslie spends time with her family and friends at her beloved beach home in Chincoteague Island, Virginia. She is a proud mother and step mother to three beautiful adult children.

Courses Taught

Diversity & Inclusion

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