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Toddler Group

From the time your baby is napping only once each day, eating independently at the table with others, and socially aware of the older children’s group, we begin to plan for her transition. Your child will begin to spend time with the toddlers, indoors and outdoors. Play time and snacks with a rhythmic menu become gradually familiar. Eventually, she joins in for the midday meal and naptime, and soon a completely natural transition has occurred.

The toddler group of up to ten children includes those from about 18 months to three years. The children now follow a group rhythm that bridges from their infant rhythm. The toddlers spend more time outdoors – twice each day - morning and  afternoon. 

They have a daily social ‘gathering time’ for verses, songs, finger plays, and stories together; they begin to help with cooking. Imaginative play is now a central learning experience. Blocks, dolls, a play kitchen, knitted animals; things to climb, move, and create little houses. Imitation of the teacher’s activity becomes a central place for learning. 

Social community life is central now whether for mealtime, artistic activity, or play.  Within the community, there is always a sensitivity to creating a protected space for the child who would like to be alone or with an adult.


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