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Saturday, February 24, 2024 10am-1pm ET 

9am -12pm CT, 8am - 11am MT, 7am-10am PT


Supporting Restorative Rest in a Classroom and Childcare Setting

About the Course


When children follow their biological sleep rhythms, they are better able to learn, play, grow and be part of a social group. This workshop supports teachers and caregivers in a classroom setting to understand the importance of sleep and rest for the young child, the biological changes that affect sleep, how to support common rest time challenges in the classroom, how to establish a daily rhythm and soothing rest time routine that supports and encourages rest, and how to support parents struggling with sleep at home. Get the tools you need to support your classroom and school community to better rest.

Your Instructor:

Margit Foster

Margit Foster

Margit Foster, M.Ed., is a certified pediatric sleep consultant, Waldorf early childhood educator specializing in birth to three, sleep educator, and the owner of Little Lantern Pediatric Sleep Consulting. Her passion for healthy sleep originated in her experiences working as an infant caregiver at Sophia’s Hearth and as a mother supporting her own child to sleep. She has supported many families to healthier sleep through her consulting work by blending together the latest sleep research, the work of Emmi Pikler and Rudolf Steiner, and mindfulness techniques.

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