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Parent and Child Classes

Come join a group of other parents to share your experience as a parent of a young child! Classes for children and their parents or caregivers meet for an hour and a half and include:

  • A play-based early learning experience: what are the best learning materials for your child?  What is she ready to learn at her age?  What comes next for her?

  • Learn lullabies, language games and songs

  • Learn to observe and understand your child as she grows – what is she learning?

  • Master early childhood professionals to share your questions about eating, sleeping, sharing, speech and motor development

  • A simple snack provided by our teachers for your toddler

  • Special attention is given to recognizing and supporting children’s interests, motor abilities, social interactions, and problem solving skills.

  • You will gain new awareness of how infants and young children learn through play.

  • Classes are suspended due to social distance requirements. Complete and Contact Form to join our email list and learn what other options we are working on.

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