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About Sophia's Hearth Family Center

Sophia’s Hearth Family Center was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit in 1999. Programs for parents began soon after until our playgroup program outgrew Antioch’s donated space and with hard work from the board of directors and volunteer parents, our first actual program location was created in the autumn of 2002. Our parent and child classes continued along with a variety of educational offerings for early childhood teachers.  In 2010, we completed construction of our permanent home at 700 Court Street where we expanded to offer full time, year round childcare.


Our History


Sophia’s Hearth Family Center is internationally known for its work.  Our teacher education students come from all over the United States and Canada as well as abroad. Our faculty includes those throughout the world – Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and North America – who have pioneered the best practices in caring for very young children.

Our childcare program, open since 2010, has served families from all over the region. In 2013 we expanded our childcare to create a unique preschool program for the older children.

Our Teachers

Our teachers are especially qualified to support your family and care for your child. As a teacher education center, your family has a special advantage!  Our teachers are always studying child development, curriculum, and many other themes that strengthen their work with your child.  Click here to read about their backgrounds and preparation to care for your child.

Our Facilities


From its earliest planning stages, the design of our new facility has been driven by a number of guiding principles: livability for the children and staff who spend their days here, sustainability over many generations in relation to the construction materials, energy and water use, and the emphasis on renewable materials in the construction where possible.

Our Philosophy


Waldorf education is timeless. It springs from insight and interest in the whole child: the child as a wise, always growing and changing, self directed human spiritual being. Waldorf education recognizes the child as someone with a unique, innate, inner core of identity. Even in infancy, Waldorf education recognizes this unique individual who is developing step by step. 

Our programs for infants, toddlers, and preschool children support these changes throughout childhood by protecting the children, by nurturing them through a balanced daily rhythm filled with joy.

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