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Macalaster Weber Scholarship Fund

The Macalaster Weber Scholarship Fund provides support to our Teacher Education students as they pursue a certification in Early Childhood Education. You can learn more about our program by clicking here.


Dorothy Miner Macalaster graduated from Elliot Pearson Nursery Training School in 1942 and remained an advocate for early childhood professionals throughout her long life. Dorothy’s mother was in the first class of Miss Wheelock’s Nursery Training School, now Wheelock College, and her daughter and granddaughter have each followed in her footsteps. Passionate about supporting the work of early childhood, Dorothy was ever vocal about what needed to be done to effectively support professionalism within the field of early childhood. Education and continued professional development were at the top of her list. Nothing would please her more than to be an active part of financially supporting early childhood teachers.

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Pictured at the groundbreaking for the Court Street location of Sophia's Hearth is Susan Weber (left), Nancy Macalaster (center with shovel) and Dorothy Macalaster looking on in the far right.

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