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Infant Group

We invite you to share your parenting journey with us: to tell us your hopes, your experiences, your challenges as a parent of a new baby. Your baby will be devotedly cared for in a small group of only four infants. Come visit and experience what Sophia’s Hearth creates for babies and young children.

Childcare is offered Monday-Thursday with pick up options at 3:15 or 5:15.


Each baby is fed In his caregiver’s lap until he is able to eat independently. A special feeding table, where two or three children can eat together socially, is the next step. Every step is planned with you, his parent. We welcome your breast milk or formula, and as children begin to eat solid foods, we cook all the children’s food here from whole foods, locally grown, and organic whenever possible. We accommodate many special dietary needs.


We have a separate room for the infants’ sleeping, and each baby learns a daily rhythm for his naps in his own bed.


In spring, summer and fall, the babies have a covered patio where they can enjoy the outdoor air and light with their caregivers - for half an hour up to an hour and a half - depending upon the weather.


The play materials are chosen, the environment is carefully designed so that each baby can learn what she is ready to learn. Month by month, the teacher modifies the environment to give your baby just the right challenges to stimulate new skills:

  • Language capacities – listening, speaking, communicating her needs;

  • Motor development – rolling, crawling, walking;

  • Educating her senses – hearing, seeing, touching; balancing;

  • Social capacities – awareness of other babies, developing the central relationship with her caregiver –

all happen every day through the daily rhythm.

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