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Create Your Family Culture

Create Your Family Culture

You can create a culture that brings your family more peace and joy. These 5 workshop session will give you time to reflect on what really matters to you and find ways to create the family life that works for you.

Led by Sarah Norris

funded in part by grant from the Keene Kiwanis Club


Session 1 - Simplify the Holidays - November 16, 2019

Turn the rush and chaos of the holidays back into a time of family connection.

Session 2 - Simple from the Start - January 25, 2020

Session 3 - Reclaiming Discipline - February 15, 2020

Explore what your children are really asking when they push your buttons

Session 4 - Discipline Tools of the Trade - March 14, 2020

Develop tools to help your child regain balance and orientation at all ages

Session 5 - Parenting Anxious Children - TBD

Embrace simple ways to move in close and ease their concern

All discussions held at Sophia's Hearth from 9:00-12pm with free childcare provided.

$5/family/discussion - Financial Assistance Available

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