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Childcare Details

Ours is a continuous full day program where the children’s day is uninterrupted by changes from one group to another. An atmosphere of calm, engaged activity lives throughout our building.

Sophia Hearth’s is internationally recognized for its unique approach to early childhood education. Our childcare program is informed by Waldorf education and the well-researched principles of pediatrician Emmi Pikler as well as the insights and observations of our teachers and staff gained through more than 20 years of serving children, parents, and early childhood educators. We focus on these values and approaches, recognizing that:

  •  Respect and dignity for the whole  person – each developmental stage is recognized, honored, and addressed through our curriculum and environment. Each child is a wise, always growing and changing, self-directed human being.

  • Human relationships – teacher to child, child to child - are the foundation of a healthy social capacities for all of life, beginning in infancy. Our teacher prioritize personal attention and are present and available to the children in the class throughout the day. You won’t find them on their cell phones or doing a lot of paperwork. You will find them accompanying your children while they discover the wonders of nature, singing songs, and modeling meaningful work like cooking and gardening. Each childcare group has a set of co-teachers.

  • Play – both with other children and by the child alone, well guided by the teacher. Play is the foundation for learning in early childhood.

  • Daily rhythm – we have found that having a consistent rhythm, carefully guided by the teachers, helps create a sense of calm and supports openness to learning.

  • Abundant time in nature – strengthens social skills of conflict resolution, builds capacities for problem solving, planning, and builds imaginative capacities. Being outside no  matter the weather builds resilience and self-efficacy. Additionally, the foundation for physical development and health - coordination, strength, motor planning and skills, judgment- all unfold more easily and successfully outdoors. Innovation that integrates creative and cognitive aspects of children’s thinking and problem solving all occur naturally in the outdoors.

Our Teachers

Our teachers are especially qualified to support your family and care for your child. As a teacher education center, your family has a special advantage!  Our teachers are always studying child development, curriculum, and many other themes that strengthen their work with your child.  They each participate in our specialized teacher education program.  Click here to read about their backgrounds and preparation to care for your child.

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